She took her first steps in music in the indie pop band called Dead Disco. Then she was uploading her homemade videos on YouTube and thereafter topped the BBC Sound of 2009 poll, winning with such artists as Florence + the Machine, White Lies and La Roux. After the release of her debut album Hands in 2009 media named Little Boots as space-disco princess. Now she’s back with 3 flawless singles – Shake, Every Night I Say A Prayer and Headphones and a new upcoming album, which should be released later this year. While waiting for her first gig in Poland at FreeFormFestival, we were lucky to catch Victoria Hesketh for a short chat. Your second studio album will be released soon. How do you feel about your new record?
Little Boots: I really cannot wait to get it out there as it has been a long time coming. Which 3 words describe your new music?
Little Boots: Leftfield disco pop. Can you compare your feelings from the release of Hands with those connected with release of the new record? Are they similar?
Little Boots: It’s very different as with Hands there was a lot of pressure from the media and a lot of expectations about what kind of record it would be and how it would perform, this time it’s a different kind of pressure more from myself and making sure I make a record I’m happy with. What artists you were listening to during preparing a material for the new album?
Little Boots: I’ve been DJing a lot so that has really influenced me, playing a lot of old school house and disco. In one of your interviews you said, that your new record would be inspired by work of Edgar Allan Poe. On Hands is a track called Mathematics, which was inspired by Sylvia’s Plath poem Love Is A Parallax. Does literature have a strong influence on your writing?
Little Boots: The Poe comment was very early on and unfortunately got stuck on Wikipedia forevermore, I did write a song that was very vaguely influenced by one of his poems but I’m not sure it will be on the album. I am always reading, I love it and find literature a great place for lyric inspiration. You’re very into unusual musicial equipment – Tenori-On, stylophone or harp laser. Are you going to use these gadgets also on your current tour or maybe you have some surprises for your live shows?
Little Boots: I’m not using them at the moment as I felt by the end of the last tour it had become more of a gimmick and I just want people to enjoy the music. I am still exploring new instruments and I have learnt to program visuals for the live show now which we use whenever we can. In October you will visit Poland for the first time. Do you know some Polish electronic bands?
Little Boots: I’m afraid I don’t know many although someone told me one of The KDMS is Polish who I am a fan of. What are you listening to currently? Your 3 most played songs on iPod are:
Little Boots: At the moment Frank Wiedemann & Ry Cuming – Howling (Âme Remix), Maya Jane Cole What They Say and Tensnake feat. Syron – Mainline.

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