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Today we will be discovering Brussels through official music video clips shot in the city. Well, this is the main topic for this article of Sounds of Europe. In the meanwhile, something went wrong. Maybe.Or maybe, something went right. Anyways…lights, camera, silence on the set, tape rolling, playback, 3-2-1…ACTION!

Back to February 18-19, 1968. Pink Floyd were in town and they recorded a promotional video for Belgian TV. The video was shot on a bridge in the Parc Royal de Laeken, northern area of Brussels. It is easy to pinpoint the Atomium monument (you know, that famous big spherical K’nex style thingy) in the background.The band performed (actually mimed) the song Paint Box, written by Richard Wright and released in 1967 as the B-side to the single Apples and Oranges. This video is part of European doc-movie about the band and it officially features David Gilmour on guitar in the band.

The American indie-rock band Other Lives chose the official video for the song Dust Bowl III (Tamer Animals, 2011) through a contest launched on NOAMIR, Belgian duo filmmaker, won the contest with an intensive and tormented clip. The video takes place at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Brussels, in the presence of Rubens and his Montée au Calvaire. Afterwards, the main scene takes place on a street view downtown: Rue Neuve is the biggest and busiest pedestrian shopping street in Brussels between Place de la Monnaie, Place des Martyrs, Notre Dame du Finistère and Place Charles Rogier.

Now it’s time for the emergent Rwandese Brussels-based singer Soul T and the song Material Things from his upcoming album.  The video is entirely shot in Brussels in a “truly-madly-deeply” streetstyle: fashion, design and architecture. The typical rocky and stony streets inthe city centre represent a perfect main scenic set for the all video. Sainte Catherine neighborhood, the tiny mystifying Rues in Grand-Place area, Place du Chatelainpave the way to an energizing soul reggae music clip filled up with very positive vibes. Damn, Brussels looks lovely today.

Here something went wrong. After days and days and days of research, I did not find out any other official video shot in the city. Hard to believe but that’s the real truth. Well, I found on the Internet some cool videos shot in Brussels, but they are mainly shot in interior locations. Not so much city sightseeing.I was pretty disappointed by my poor music investigative results. Here something went right. I started thinking. Why don’t I show you folks few official kick-ass live performances shot in Brussels? Why? Why not?!

On December 2, 1999, Iggy Pop performed one of his best memorable live show ever in Brussels at AncienneBelgique (you should know the AB!).  That concert was recorded and released on a DVD Live at Avenue B in 2005. This filmed concert encompasses the never-ending career of a wild restless Iggys in 21 songs and 5.1 surround sound. It’s one of the most energetic and solid performances ever by Iggy Pop and The Stooges.

On March 23, 2000, MTV broadcasted Oasis live gig from Brussels at Ancienne Belgique (again). The Live in Brussels was the first live performance of the band with a new line-up back then.  Oasis were performing tracks from the album Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000). Watching the show, you just can say “that’s top”. Perfect lighting, rough rock ‘n roll sound, fun ever-changing camera angles and warm Belgian audience. And I forgot the Gallagher’s brothers…what else?

On October 29, 2004, The Hives were in town for their European tour playing at Ancienne Belgique (you know it’s not the only venue in town). The live performance has been recorded and released on a DVD as Tussles in Brussels. The Swedish punk rock band really rocks the venue out.  A two-chord  loudband dancing, screaming, and jumping all over the stage for a gig loaded with pure adrenaline. Gosh, it’s seems they have got some punk-rock waves from Iggy and his previous gig at AB!

Have a nice listening and watching stay!


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