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Amanda Palmer is well known from her uncontrollable charisma which makes her every show a great performance. Right now she’s on tour promoting her newest album – Theatre Is Evil. It was released after a four year break. While recording Amanda was supported by her new band The Grand Theft Orchestra. Just before her two shows in Poland, she agreed to answer few questions. Because of your fans you raised lots of money to record a new album in a really short time. Have you felt absolutely sure that it would happen? Have you expected that it would be so quick?

Amanda Palmer: I did expect that it would go well, but I wasn’t sure exactly how well. I had hoped that we would hit a million dollars, but I also worked very hard for a year to build the Kickstarter. It was a huge learning experience for me, I still need to share a lot of the evil lessons I took away from it. Have you changed since Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Amanda Palmer: Haha. You know…not much. The big thing that’s changed is that I’m married and in a committed relationship. The girl who made that record was joyously single. But married life is working out just fine for now, so I’ll take it. Now you`ve got new album and you play gigs with The Grand Theft Orchestra, so how do you fell on a stage singing songs from Theatre Is Evil?

Amanda Palmer: Incredible actually. This is a great album for live material, especially with songs like Do It with a Rock Star and The Killing Type. There’s something so wonderful about getting out from behind the piano – finally – and just freaking out like a typical lead singer on stage, holding nothing but a microphone and it’s much better for crowdsurfing. You were a stripper, so you showed your body, now you sing, play and write songs, so you show your feelings – what`s harder for you?

Amanda Palmer: Neither are harder or easier. Stripping was actually hard for me because of how unemotional it was. I was so desperate to connect to people in those clubs and instead they just saw my vagina, they never wanted to look me in the eye. I don’t have that problem quite as often at rock shows. But both places of work have their massive difficulties. Try singing a very quiet ballad with someone yabbering away at the bar and it feels like the same thing as someone looking at your tits when you’re looking at their face. Do you have your favourite song from all of your albums?

Amanda Palmer: Half Jack is a favorite. So is Mrs. O from the second Dolls record and I’m very pleased with The Ukulele Anthem. Which of your songs is the most personal and why?

Amanda Palmer: The most personal? Maybe First Orgasm. It’s a snapshot portrait of one, single, very personal moment in my life. I don’t think I’ve gotten more up close than that. You played with Gaba Kulka in Prague. How did you meet her? Will there be any chance to hear you both sing together?

Amanda Palmer: We’re planning on doing a Polish song together at the shows on Krakow and Warsaw, and also doing a song of mine! I love that girl, she’s got an immense amount of talent.

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