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Flunk were the last band to play during the Off Plus Camera Festival in Kraków, their concert was certainly one of the best things which happened during the whole event. They proved that they have a unique ability to create an emotional bond with the audience, so that everybody can feel they are a part of something very special.

Before their gig, however, I had a very pleasant chat with them about their recent releases and the reason why they ditched electronics in favour of guitars. We also briefly discussed covers they have recorded and their love for the Jesus and Mary Chain.

You’ve already been to several cities in Poland, do you have your favourite one?

Anja Øyen Vister: Kraków is high on the list, and the cities at the seaside – Gdańsk and Gdynia.

Soon you’re going to release an EP with Blue Monday remixes, it’s not a new track so why did you choose it?

Ulf Nygaard: Because there’s always someone who wants to remix our version of Blue Monday, and there’s this German label which wanted to do this so we agreed.

Do you have a favourite remix of any of your songs?

Ulf: That’s up to taste, I have one favourite remix of Blue Monday which is very clubby, but I think I’m the only one who likes it.

You’ve recorded one more cover, it’s Radiohead’s Karma Police, why did you choose this song?

Anja: We’ve been trying different Radiohead songs including Creep, but I don’t really know why we ended up doing this particular one.

Ulf: The idea was to do well known songs sung by men and try to do them in a different way with Anja’s vocals.

You’ve already released a best off album, soon there’s a live EP coming, why don’t you record a proper live album?

Ulf: I don’t want to speak for the others, but for me listening to yourself live is a bit like being filmed, so that when watching it you feel you look different from what you expected, so I think that live recordings aren’t really a pleasant thing. We are a very lucky band because we have great fans who know our songs, so during the concerts we feel we have a strong connection with them, however, you can’t capture this on a record. We could release a live album of every concert, but we just don’t feel it’s good enough.

Your previous LP was filled with electronics, yet on Lost Causes you went back to this indie/ folky sound, does it mean you got tired of electronics?

Ulf: No, absolutely not.

Anja: I think it’s a matter of how we work on the songs, in the past we used to sit in the living room and create music, this time we did it in a rehearsal room, so maybe next time it will be a different place and our sound will be altered.

I wanted to ask you about one song from your last album, it’s Subway, who sings on it?

Ulf: It’s me.

It sounds a bit like the Jesus and Mary Chain…

Ulf: I’ve always loved The Jesus and Mary Chain, do we really sound like them?

Yeah, that was my first thought when I heard the song.

Ulf: Yuhuu! I’ve always wanted to do Cherry Came to from Darklands, so maybe in the future…



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