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Aurora’s music is not like anything you could’ve possibly expect from person who is that young. It is deep, a little bit dark, and filled with lyrics that tell very emotional stories. While being listened in the dark it melts listeners’ hearts. Artist herself makes people smile a lot, she is not like her music, she is unbelievably warm and friendly. The possibilty to talk to her before her concert at Kraków Live Festival was one of the greatest experiences at my work for Music is. Read about Aurora’s musical inspirations, stories that she tells and unexpected, potential co-workers.

Is there something special you want to tell people by your songs?

AURORA: My music is emotional. I write because I’m very emotional person and I need to write songs. You can write them and you can kind of put them away and put all those feelings away as well. And then you can move on. So I’m very happy that I can write songs, it helps me a lot. Music is about emotions and it helps us to feel things thatare hard to deal with. And I want to do that with my music.

Writing your own songs, based on your own life is very couragous. Don’t you feel a bit vulnerable?

AURORA: Yeah, it’s very scary. People can tell you that they like your songs. Or they don’t like your songs, everything depends on the point of view. But for me, as long as I’m happy, and as long I feel good during writing a song, that’s good. All I need is my own approval, my own acceptance. But when I am standing on the stage it’s very scary and I feel very vulnerable. I cry a lot on the stage and there are many reasons why I do this. It’s very moving when people come to see you and they really listen to you.

It must be difficult to open up to people like that…

AURORA: Yeah, it is terrifying. But you know… My emotions can come from my own experiences. If something bad is happening I think about that a lot and write about it. But also if I watch the news, or if I read in the papers that there’re so many horrible things happening and if I see my mother being sad – I’m sad as well. I feel what everyone feels. Does it make sense? If everyone around is sad – I’m sad as well. That’s why many of my songs are not about me, they’re just about people I’ve met in my life and people I know and things that happened. But still, I feel them like they were my own experiences.

I’ve read that among your musical influences there are, for example, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. It is surprising, considering the fact, most of young people now are fans of pop stars like Rihanna…

AURORA: (laughter) I personally don’t like songs that contain a lot of noise, though, I like heavy metal. That’s because it’s so angry, but on the other hand, it’s nice to be on the heavy metal concert. But in the same time I really like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, because their songs make me feel so… calm. And it’s kind of relaxing. They have also great lyrics and good stories. And it’s real, there’s no autotune. And that reminds me of my family, because I grew up with their music.

There’s something special in Scandinavian music that we are aware of it origins from the very first note. Could you somehow describe to our readers music from The North?

AURORA: I don’t know. I think it sounds a little bit cold, like Röyksopp… Have you ever heard about them? That kind of cold, and we get those weird sounds, those kind of sounds which hound you and pin your mind, you can hear them easily, and they are stong like ice or snow. And I think we can be a little bit dark and melancholic. Maybe it’s because it rains almost every day, maybe it’s because of the darkness. And I think we care a lot… Pop songs don’t have to be shallow, there should be something deeper in them. Like an ocean, dark and deep. And it has to be something special, not like everything else.

When you’ve heard that you’re going to play in Poland, did you know anything about our country?

AURORA: Well, I’ve been here once before for sightseeing. I went to the concentration camp – Auschwitz and I cried every second when I was there. This country has rich history, but it’s not an angry one, more it tell the story of sadness and vulnerbality. I think the buildings are beautiful, the food is good, and the people are nice. My neighbours are Polish, and one of my friends is Polish too, her name is Gosia.

Also, have you heard something about Polish audience? We always hear “you are the best audience ever!” but I’ve always wondered if it’s possible?.

AURORA: I actually have heard that you are a special crowd when you are participating the concert. In a way, you feel alive when you are surrounded by music and you have a lot of musisz inside of you. I’m very excited to see how it is going to look like. In Scandinavia it’s quite stiff and people don’t dance, it’s almost like they are embarrassed and I think it’s kind of sad.

Coming back to your debut album. I can’t find any information about it on the Internet.

AURORA: Yeah, that’s the thing… It’s supposed to be out in September, but it’s postponed… I didn’t want that… So it’s going to be released next year, in January.

In January? That means we have some waiting… Maybe you will release an EP during the waiting?

AURORA: I think I will release some songs, maybe two…

That’s great, especially that I think your music would be a great soundtrack for the fall and winter evenings…

AURORA: Thank you. I like that image.

What is ,in your opinion, the difference between performing at festivals and small venues, clubs etc.?

Well I like small shows much better. You can talk to people, bring them up on the stage… It’s more personal. It’s really quiet and dark until my lighting technician turns the lights on. It’s more magical. But you know, it’s nice to play on the big stage as well. My band prefers that because they can act more wild and crazy. But I like the small ones best.

Is there anyone who you want to work with?

I would love to collaborate with Nick Cave. Or The Chemical Brothers. I just love them. Or Gojira. That’s because I’m a huge fan of this band. I like music that is aggressive. It’s more truthful and emotional.

What music is for you?

What music is for me…? It’s emotions. And that’s it. Just pure emotions.

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