In the beginning was Marius Drogsås Hagen and all things came into being through him. Young Norwegian won a yearly competition for emerging artists organized by a public radio station. He was asked by the organizers to form a band with whom he would perform at the  finals. He agreed and this is how Team Me has started. Afterwards, things moved quickly. Debut EP, debut album, Norwegian Grammy, Roskilde, the Great Escape, Daniel Johns, Patrick Wolf and a tour with the Wombats. Team Me live at a frantic pace, thankfully they found a moment to talk to us about computer games, gigs and forthcoming albums. We invite you to read the interview. One year ago you issued your debut album, now you’re touring all over Europe. How do you feel as a young band during such a busy period?
Team Me
: Its been an adventure so far. We never thought it would get as busy as this, honestly. By the end of the year you’re planning to play over 30 gigs, how do you keep up with such a fast pace?
Team Me: We eat healthy and sleep whenever we can! Our keyboard player is a yoga instructor, she gives us small exercises to do on tour. Almost everyday you play in a different place – do you have time and strength to do sightseeing?
Team Me: Thats the backside of the medal, all you see on tour is a backstage and the inside of a van. Every now and then we get to talk to some of our fans, that means the world to us. On your website I found photos from your childhood, where did you get the idea to do something like this?
Team Me: It was an attempt to make the band look like some sort of family. It was inspired by The Adams Family. We behave like a family. The notes below the photos are also rather untypical…
Team Me: If you say so. You like computer games, one of them was put on your site, is it some kind of special trick to keep fans on this site?
Team Me: We are all Nintendo 8bit (NES) nerds, so it was a natural thing to do. Our friend Peder Jørgensen made it together with his brother Jørgen Jørgensen. You toured with the Womabats, how did it happen?
Team Me: I grew up with the bassplayer, he`s from Norway. He talked with his manager and told him about us. The rest is history! How do you recollect this tour?
Team Me: It was amazing, we did not know what to expect. It turned out really good for us and The Wombats. We got to play for a BIG audience, which was really cool. You played some big festivals like Roskilde or Latitude – do you prefer a big stage or small, atmospheric club concerts?
Team Me: I really like doing both. I can’t make up my mind as to what I like the most. Do you already have any ideas concerning your future recordings?
Team Me: The next album have got to sound good on vinyl!

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