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They exist since 1999 but they haven’t lost young energy. Their shows are very popular because of raw, punk energy. Funny thing is they don’t play guitars. They are legends of electro music scene. Except a lot of wild, danceable rhythms and distortion you can find some extraordinary sounds in their songs, for example coffe blender.  Creativity of two of these people goes further than just only for music. Tone Rec and Skipp take photographs, they are in graphic desing. Covers of their records are their own work. Same with website or shirts.  In April, this year their tenth album  Blitz Gazer came out. In almost two weeks DAT Politics will come to Poland and they will play concert at OFF Festival Club – a warmup before next edition of OFF Festival in Katowice, so we asked them few questions. You were in art school, your fascinations are not only music, so are there any songs that have been inspired by particular movies or comics?
Yes, My Toshiba is alive for instance was inspired by The Naked Lunch from Cronenberg.  Also the track Corpsicle is a reference to the movie Night of the creeps from Dekker. Each song is inspired by someone, or a movie, a book, a recipe, an address, anything. What do you love about pop culture?
Actually we’ve been studying art and experimental cinema at the university, and we’re interested by pop art as well as underground culture. We always like the fact  that pop artists were zooming and scanning the pop culture to twist and reveal it. We felt close to the recycling technic to create something new. That was one of our motivation to create music and images. Do you think sometimes about Tone Rec?
Yes, we’re still happy that we have done this project. But I guess this is behind us, if we do some other minimal project they will be with different instruments, different people and with a different name. How many things you’ve learned since recording first album?
Wow, we actually learned a lot, regarding technics, new technology, business. But we still try to approach music in the same way. In a very DIY way and just do stuffs with what we have around us. We still work in our home studio, but nowadays we go in studios to do the mixing. We never look for the fancy equipment and last software. When a keyboard is broken for instance, we just replace it by the same one. Can you predict how your music can evolve?
Probably going wilder, more distortion, analog sounds and drums. How many ideas have to be tried to finish a random song? Is there any rule for that?
It really depends, sometimes a track find its skeleton very fast and then it’s only montage, final cut and a bit of polishing. But some tracks had maybe 25 different versions. And what strange is that a same starting point will end up to some different tracks which are totally opposite. I’m a big keeper, so I keep all the versions of each tracks. At the moment, we’re working on a new EP for 2013, and actually we were going through our Blitz Gazer abandoned tracks and it’s really amazing to listen to all those versions again. Can you leave a song when you’re satisfied or do you have a tendency to never ending polishing sounds?
In the past, yes, we used to do the songs very quickly with no post-production at all, for instance our first releases were done within a week. Nowadays I suppose that we’re more meticulous, and we only release a track only if we think it’s finished and when we’re sure we can’t bring new ideas on it. It took us about 6 month of almost daily working to create Blitz Gazer. How often do you use extraordinary stuff for your songs? Could you give any examples?
We still use a lot of concrete sounds, but the most memorable one was probably the coffee blender that we used for the remix of NWA on Tigerbeat6. Can you see people realizing that laptop is as important instrument as a guitar?
Yes, totally, everyone use it. Even the more purist analog freaks. There is a tendency to have a fight between analog addict and digital addicts, but I think that’s only process. The result is the most important. I mean, if I like a picture, I don’t care if you used a digital camera or an old school camera. The good thing about technology is it’s fastness. Nowadays you have an idea, you can easily realize it with a computer. Back in the days, it was taking ages. Now you can really know quickly if your idea was good or not. If you don’t like it you just throw it away. At least you didn’t spend too long on it.

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