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Let’s make something clear: there will be no chat about Franz Ferdinand or Belle and Sebastian. Not that we at Music Is don’t like these bands. On the contrary! But wouldn’t it be nice to discover something new? Glasgow, with its vibrant music scene, has so much to offer that it’s a real challenge to choose just a handful of bands that are worth introducing you to but we managed somehow. Without further ado, let’s meet them.

The Dirty Beggars

The first band in our combination is probably the most well-known from the five. Consisting of guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and double bass, the group offers a truly unique style of American bluegrass that can hardly be found in the UK. The quintet (among them two brothers and their cousin) already have quite a few achievements on their record. In 2011, they played two slots at Celtic Connections, which led them to several shows in London where they opened for the likes of Three Blind Wolves and The Wilders. As if that hadn’t been enough, their American tour, which took place later that year, got coverage on MTV. In October 2011, The Dirty Beggars released their debut album – Bite the Bullet. The LP features 10 original songs and was aired on BBC Scotland. Not bad, huh?

Bronagh and the Boys

Bronagh Monahan, the lead singer of the quartet, has always wanted to be a professional musician. As she says herself, it was her parents who introduced her to bands like Queen and The Supremes. Later, she continued her musical education on her own and fell in love with female singer-songwriters such as Amy Winehouse and Laura Marling.

Originally from Belfast, Bronagh graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Music Degree and decided to stick around in Scotland and try make it as a musician here. From what I gather, she doesn’t regret it: Glasgow is a great city to be in, and I’ve met so many lovely people just through gigging and seeing other singers and bands – says the singer.

Recently, the band won the NaSTAvision contest organised by the National Student TV Association.  You can watch their performance as Glasgow University Student TV’s (GUST) entry on the station’s website following the link below.

Bronagh and the Boys are currently working on their debut EP.

Sorcha May

The young singer-songwriter from Paisley surely has enough experience for a 19 year-old. Sorcha has performed on many stages around the country and won the Scottish final of Next Brit Things competition which led her to performing at London’s national final held in Indigo O2 and judged by industry experts. The singer has toured around Scotland and even got to share the stage with the 2009 X-Factor winner – Joe McElderry.

As with any twenty-first century artist, Sorcha has been using internet as her main platform. So far, her YouTube channel has had over fifty thousand views. She’s covered many artists (including One Direction, Paul Weller and Rita Ora) giving the songs an original twist and having the musicians themselves commenting on the videos.

Look out for Sorcha May’s EP which she’s planning to release before the summer time.


Although the band met in high school, they only started playing together after the singer/guitarist – Corrie Gillies moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow to study there. However, difficult being in a two piece divided by some 135 miles is, it is working for them. The alternative duo with the punk rock attitude have never planned to be a two-piece but they got used to it and are not planning any additions to the line-up.

The boys have opened for the likes of China Rats and Palma Violets and are now embarking on their first Scottish tour.

Last summer, Pinact released their debut EP – Spill Your Guts, Let Out Some Noise. Their new EP – The First Time Was Confusing will be released very soon.

Poor Things

Craig, Richard and Gavin met in school and decided that in order to impress girls they should start a band. Still as a four-piece (and still in Perth), they covered Jimmy Eat World and Franz Ferdinand and almost called themselves Twenty Shades of Blue (according to Craig, their ex-singer invented the softcore novel well before E.L. James). Whilst in their teens, they played shows in Dundee and Glasgow and will probably never forget that one time when their gig got cancelled right before they were to hit the stage. Over to Craig: We drove off shouting abuse at the proprietor, making sure our message – when we’re famous we’ll shut you down! – was received. Incidentally, we never became famous (we were horrendous), and the pub closed down. Karma all round.

Now, one member short, the band changed their direction and moved slightly towards rough pop hoping that one day Craig’s Dad will listen to them of his own free will. It might even happen soon as their EP is being released in March.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end one time or another. We hope you enjoyed what the Glasgow’s music scene has got in store and found new additions to your music library. Till next time!

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