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Busy P is probably the most influential person of the French electronics. The reason of his popularity is not his music but the fact that for ten years he’s been running a label that issues records by Justice, Breakbot, Mr. Oizo and many more. This guy, who modestly claims that all he does is just for fun, is incredibly talented in terms of discovering artists who later on become huge and promote Ed Banger Records all over the world.

During a short conversation which preceeded his set at Burn Selector Festival, he answered a few questions concerning celebrating the 10th anniversary of his label, as well as the current condition of his former protégés – Daft Punk.  Can you tell me something about the special events related to the 10th anniversary of Ed Banger Records?

Busy P: We like to party so we did one big celebration in Paris on the 1st of March, it was a huge party with seven thousands people and all of the artists from the label. We also wanted to celebrate it with our fans from all around the world so we decided to do ten shows in different countries. Poland wasn’t a part of the original plan, but on the next day we’re doing Berlin and as it’s close, we agreed to play here. The last anniversary show is in November in New York. What are you especially proud of after these 10 years?

Busy P: I am very happy for Justice and their success, but the thing I’m especially proud of is that I manage to enjoy what I’ve been doing for ten years. I feel very lucky because my job is my passion. What criteria do you use when signing new artists? When you hear new music, how do you know it’s the person you want to work with?

Busy P: I never know it, on Ed Banger there are more popular acts like Justice and Breakbot, but there are also many other artists that I love but they’re not so well known. I like producing things that are different than what you hear on the radio, especially now when electronic music is so popular and there’s so much money in this business that destroys creativity. Do you feel any pressure related to the fact that Justice are so succesful? Did this fact change the way you look for new names to join your label?

Busy P: No, not at all, I focus on enjoying what’s happening to us and giving the best of us. It was never my ambition to be the best or better than somebody else, I just do what I think is right. Is there any particular path which you follow when promoting new artists?

Busy P: No, it’s always very spontaneous and it also depends on an artist. I don’t like thinking too much about it, I just do things, sometimes it works out, sometimes not. Are there any upcoming releases we should be looking forward to?

Busy P: Yes, of course, for example Boston Bun who plays house music, we’ve already released one single and soon there’s going to be another one. Then comes Mr. Flash’s album and I’m also working on a radio project. What do you think about the fact that Daft Punk dropped the electronic sound and started playing live instruments?

Busy P: It’s good, they surprised everybody with that. I personally love the album. Daft Punk are like pop stars nowadays, they can decide to give up on electronic music even though everybody listens to it. They are as big as Radiohead or White Stripes, therefore can do whatever they feel up to. Do you feel pride when you think you were the one who helped Daft Punk become so big?

Busy P: I’d call it happiness or luck rather than pride. I’m glad that I had the chance to work with them for 12 years because that’s where I learned everything and met a lot of people. I just feel lucky I was there. What records have you been listening to recently?

Busy P: I listen to a lot of different music, recently I’ve bought records by Asaf Avidan and Alt-J, and I also like the new Black Sabbath album.

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