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STRFKR are just visiting Poland with two shows. Just before their concert in Poznan they agreed to answer few questions. Your third album Miracle Mile was released back in February. What stands behind this title? Where the idea for this came from?

STRFKR: It came from one of the lyrics. Also it’s a neighborhood in LA, where we all just moved. What story does the album tells? What did you want to tell your listeners?

STRFKR: We set out to make a semi drug inspired album. So some carefree drunky-vibe tracks and some introspective darker more psychedelic inspired songs. How is it different from what you’ve already released in your own opinion?

STRFKR: Well the main difference is that it was the most collaborative album to date. It was great to have the whole band spend time writing and sharing ideas together for the first time like that. What is the thing you like the most in being on tour?

STRFKR: I like seeing new places and of course meeting people. I like that it’s kind of like traveling but with a purpose. What is your favorite track to play live?

STRFKR: I like when I get to play drums so maybe Sazed? I also like to play our stoner song, Nite Rite. It’s like masturbation with a guitar for me. Do you have any funny stories from your concerts?

STRFKR: We’ve had all sorts of funny things happen at show, from tons of people jumping on stage to having people dress up in rabbit costumes and having our tour manager dressed up as an astronaut and raft the crowd. These are all at bigger shows in the US, in Europe where we’re basically new still it’s just totally different. What does influence your art – music and shows ideas?

STRFKR: Of course other musicians. I don’t know, that’s a difficult question to answer quickly. Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

STRFKR: Sure, sure. I like making hip-hop beats. There’s a bunch of producers and rappers I’d love to work with. That’s part of the reason I moved to LA, so we’ll see. What is the thing you are proud the most when it comes to your career? 

STRFKR: I’m just happy that I have a career in music at all, that we’ve been able to travel and do what we’ve done. I guess I’m most proud of the way I’ve been able to connect with some people. I’ve had some fans tell me some really humbling things about how my music helped them and things like this. What could be better than that? Do you regret anything, like recording something or not?

STRFKR: Sure, sure. I think as a musician you’re always trying to do better, make something that you’d like if it wasn’t your creation. That said I always feel a little embarrassed after releasing something. It’s a weird process. I never ever listen to anything I’ve made once it’s finished. It’s like I only hear the mistakes or things that could’ve been better about it. Who knows… made on the next album I’ll get it right.

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